26 Aug 2020 by Mr. Zuneid Yousuf

In this article of The Africa Report, "Africa Green Resources" and "Citizen Entrepreneur Development Programme" have been referenced mentioning their contribution in providing decent work and livelihoods to millions of young people in Africa. It reports

“ In Zambia for instance, two innovative projects have launched which show the potential for marrying sound business models with broader development goals. African Green Resources, of which I am Chairman, is a new agribusiness that promotes value addition and food security to build a sustainable agriculture economy. It does this by providing inputs and creates markets for small independent farmers as well as more commercial ones, training them in good agricultural practices to achieve high yields. The other is the Citizen Entrepreneur Development Programme which aims to mobilise an array of stakeholders to promote entrepreneurship and wealth creation across Zambia. Through financial and technical assistance, it hopes to help 1.2 million budding entrepreneurs realise their dreams. ”

About the author

Mr. Zuneid Yousuf

Chairman of MBI Group and African Green Resources.