Africa Green Resources

African Green Resources is a world-class agriculture company, which focuses on agribusiness. Part of its core mission is to train farmers in good agriculture practices to achieve high yields, promoting value addition and food security to build a sustainable agriculture economy.

Africa Green Resources are passionate about business development in Africa, especially the role that African businesses can play in delivering sustained economic growth and improving food security for millions across the continent.

The organisation is chaired by Mr. Zuneid Yousuf. As part of his work, Mr. Zuneid has worked extensively with independent specialists, NGOs and academics around the world to develop new approaches to tackle the challenges the world faces in producing food for an ever-growing population.


Economics Association of Zambia

The Economics Association of Zambia was established in the 1960s as the Lusaka Economics Club. The EAZ is a non-partisan body whose membership includes experts in the areas of economics, business administration and allied fields.

In 1985, the Association was registered as a non-governmental organization (under the Societies Act, Chapter 105) and has since continued to serve as a forum for the articulation of economic and other developmental issues.

The Association has now transformed into a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 388 of the Laws of Zambia.